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Pet Lodge Pet Resort

Group PlayNature Walks – Swim Time – Splash Pad – Canine Challenge Course  – Training Programs*
By maintaining a mature, party-like atmosphere for the pets, they have so much fun that they actually look forward to their next stay with Pet Lodge. Our regular clients will gladly tell you how much fun their pets seem to have at Pet Lodge. They race to the door to get in!

Group Play
This popular service is as much fun for our pet-care provider team members as it is for our guests. Dogs engage in their favorite activities, with one of our counselors two times per day. Only dogs of a similar size play together. Dogs typically have supervised play outside unless there is inclement weather, in which case dogs will play in one of our indoor play areas.

Nature Walks
Nature walks are a leisurely stroll of almost a mile, with one pet care provider with one dog or dogs from the same family through our lovely state park-like acreage. Our guests wear a double collar and double lead, to insure their safety, and only dogs from the same household are taken out together. This one person and one dog or family of dogs interaction is extremely instrumental in helping our guests enjoy their stay.

Swim Time Swimming is wonderful exercise for your pet and a ton of fun. Supervised session in the lap pool – retrieving tennis balls or just floating leisurely around with a pet pal. One or more of our swim time providers will be with your dog the entire time, to insure a safe swim. Group swim times have more than 2 and usually 4 swim time providers for large groups. A bath is required at the usual rate, before the first swim of each visit and we will give a go home bath for no charge.

Splash Pad If your dog loves water but isn’t really a swimmer they will love splash time at our one of a kind splash pad.  With six different water features it is one of our most popular activities.

Canine Challenge Course A play yard unlike any other.  Designed to keep the dogs interstellar and moving through the entire area.  There is a triple entry dog walk, 2 tug of war walls, and 4 tunnels that make playtime all the more fun.

Playtime is Healthy!

Our pet friendly, fun loving and experienced staff can find just the right toy, play the right game or lead your pet on a nature filled hike. Our professional experience has shown that active and happy pets are healthy pets—especially when they’re away from home. Puppies, active adults and seniors all benefit from regular interaction and activity.

drivewayPrivate Sessions (either swimming or playtime) are also available. This is a one-on-one interaction between your dog or dogs and one of our Pet Care Providers. For dogs who are shy, do not play well with others or are just looking for some extra special attention this is the ultimate experience for your loved ones.

*Additional Fee Applies