Your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority. Our facility provides a clean, fresh air environment, and lots of attention and activity, essential to your pet’s good health.

We Love Dogs!

Our staff will be interacting with your pet throughout the day, talking, petting, feeding, cleaning and walking (dogs) or playing. Play sessions provide even more attention.

Each pet is checked daily for cleanliness, health and emotional well-being. In the very rare instances where a pet might need to be closely examined by one of our supervisors, he or she will be alerted immediately. We have a certified Pet CPR First Responder on staff. Even if we just think that there might be a problem, the pet will be taken to one of two veterinary clinics or an emergency clinic. All three are within 2 miles of Pet Lodge Pet Resort.

When your pets are not enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine, our guests relax in comfortable, air-conditioned buildings.

We offer airy and spacious accommodation types with all the comforts of home – some rooms include full access to private outdoor patios and we even have a swimming pool for guest use! Ask about our heavily discounted monthly boarding rates and additional discounts for multiple dogs sharing the same room.  From meals, activities, sleeping arrangements and a bed time treat, your pet may enjoy your time away more than you do!

Special Care & Handling

– Quiet, cozy atmosphere
– Careful monitoring of eliminations & behavior
– Substitute special feeding for picky eaters, which could include hand feeding or adding some chicken soup over his/her food
– Prescribed diets given at no additional charge
– Separate outside patio areas (dogs)
– Attention to daily hygiene-baths if needed
– Lots of TLC!