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An Exciting Day of Play
That Your Dog Will Absolutely Love!

Your pet’s well-being is our #1 priority. Our facility provides a clean, fresh air environment, and lots of attention and activity, essential to your pet’s good health.

Doggy Daycare is So Much Fun!!

Spacious Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Whether chasing, playing tug with each other or just hanging out with their buddies, dogs of all ages will feel right at home in our indoor and outdoor play areas.  With over 20,000 square feet of play areas, nature trails, swimming pools and more, your pets will love doggie daycare!

During All-Day Play, your fur kid will play with dogs of a similar size in one of our many outdoor play areas.  During inclement weather, All-Day Play will take place indoors.  We believe All-Day Play should have a strong balance between being active and having time to rest.  Our definition of All-Day Play means dogs will have time to socialize and run around in the morning and afternoon, with nap time in private rooms in between group play.   If your fur kid doesn’t play well with others we will move him or her to private play or another activity of your choice.

From puppies to geriatric dogs, we accept dogs of all ages and ensure they are cared for properly to maximize their fun and most importantly, their safety.

Your Dog is Never Alone

Pet Lodge’s doggy day care is the best worry-free alternative to leaving your dog alone at home. All dogs are continuously supervised by our friendly and highly-trained resort staff.  We have one of the highest staff to pet ratios in the industry to ensure your pets get the most love and attention.

Rain or Shine

Your dog is certain to have a fun-filled day of activities, attention and companionship. Each and every one of our day care guests is treated just like family.  Whether your pets are playing in our new indoor play area or one of our outdoor play areas, your pets are going to have a blast all day!

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