What to pack when boarding your pet

What does my Dog Need for his or her Vacation? Pet Lodge Pet Resort is happy to supply everything your dog needs for their stay, but while you are packing your bags for your trip, you start to wonder what you should pack for your dog’s vacation. The key thing to remember is that [...]

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Meet Dr. Bishop & North Main Animal Hospital

Pet Lodge Pet Resort is truly a pet resort we have a lot of space with big rooms, big yards, and big fun. The one thing we do not have is your family veterinarian on site. We do have the next best thing which is great vet offices close by with awesome teams and animals [...]

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Water – It Really Matters to Your Dog

It might be chilly out, and we may not feel like drinking cold drinks, but water is just as vital to dog’s survival as it is for us, humans. We can get our water from a variety of food and liquid drinks, however for dogs water alone is the only way they can hydrate. The [...]

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